Insiders Exude Confidence In Lithium Americas Corp (TSE:LAC)(OTCQX: LACDD)

As a reletivaly unexpected shakeout occurs for Lithium Americas Corp (TSE:LAC)( LACDF) just before their impending NYSE listing (More info here). For some investors this was bad news but if you’re still long this equity rest easy, as it seems the leadership knows something we do not. Insider trading has been relatively positive for Lithium Americas (TSE:LAC) lately (More info) with a recent spike between January 16th and 19th consisting of a large distribution of deferred shares.

This promising internal company confidence is a good sign. Coupled with Lithium Americas currently lowered price from the recent shake-out, together should cause compounded benefits. Driving in investors from anticipation of the American listing on the Canadian side of things as well as keeping Lithium Americas extremely enticing to some of the larger NYSE investors during the first few days of it’s upcoming listing. So if your still long TSE:LAC it might be worth sticking around until at least the end of the week.



** We are currently long TSE:LAC but as always the opinions stated are that just opinions, you make and are responsible for your choices and investments, good luck!

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