MedMen Warrants (MMEN.wt) Worth the Price ?

Lets start right off with our opinion here at Htop Stockwatch we think the MedMen Warrants (MMEN.wt) are currently worth the price of around $0.72. There are 7,840,909 outstanding. With a strike price of $6.87CAD and an expiry of Sept 27th 2021 with no acceleration clause. CSE listing bulletin. The current share price of MedMen Enterprises Inc(MMEN.CN) 3.80 giving the warrants a time vale of 3.77, an intrinsic value of 3.07 and a historic 1-month volatility of 53.79. MMEN.WT.CN has 942 days until expiration and is trading at or below fair market value.
If you are long MedMen this is a potential bargain with huge upside. There is almost 3 years until expiration with no acceleration clause. At this price seems like a great deal.

** As always the opinions stated are that just opinions, you make and are responsible for your choices and investments, good luck!

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